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One of the great causes of poverty in developing countries is the lack of access to education and clean drinking water. To address this problem, Ecosolar International Inc.or ESI, a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, was formed in 2007. The purpose of Ecosolar is to help the poor break out of the cycle of poverty in focusing mainly in clean water, healthcare and education opportunity. Our group is made up of individuals of many years of experience and training in the areas of water filtration, healthcare, education, photovoltaic solar, and electronics.

We currently offer WHO (World Health Organization) quality clean water systems to low income communities in Vietnam and in other parts of the world in the future. As for the education, we are working in improving the learning environment by providing schools with microscopes combined with computers; we have also assisted students with college scholarship search, learning English, soft skills and leadership skills in order for them to get a better education overseas and to pursue their dreams in life. Our microscope project also helps health professionals save time and be more effective in their diagnostic tests in hospitals. We have promoted the idea of volunteerism and community leadership development among students by encouraging their involvements in the activities in clean water, microscopes and education. We plan to grant scholarships to underprivileged students, encouraging them to continue their education amid many difficulties facing them in their daily lives.

Since Ecosolar’s inception, we have achieved: (a) built and donated more than 35 water stations to provide WHO quality water for drinking and cooking and clean water for daily uses to schools and hospitals in Vietnam; (b) built and donated more than 1000 microscopes with computers to schools, hospitals and laboratories throughout Vietnam and (c) we have assisted more than 70 Vietnamese students to study abroad; many of them with scholarships and have finished their undergraduate and graduate studies from colleges and universities in Japan, Europe, Australia and mainly US.

Management Team

Hoang Lan Le Khac

Graduated from University of Ha Noi, Viet Nam in 1972 with a BS degree in physical chemistry, and had spent several years overseas doing research on nuclear energy and environmental sciences. Currently, Ms. Lan is the principal engineer at the Institute of Applied Materials Science, working on water filtration and other environment related issues.
Tel. 0903384053

Viet Huong Nguyen

Graduated from University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam with a BS degree in electronics engineering in 1979. He retired from his teaching position at the same university in April 2015 but still remains as an active member of DESLAB, a laboratory on microelectronics and biochips. Over the years, Mr. Viet has been instrumental in the projects of installing & donating hundreds of microscopes combined with computers to schools and hospitals across Viet Nam.
Tel. 0903744186

Irene Tran

Irene graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering at University of Minnesota in 2009. She continued her education at Medical School of Washington University in St. Louis where she received a Master of Science degree in Clinical Investigation and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2013. Irene has been working as a physical therapist in a variety of settings including outpatient orthopedics, inpatient rehabilitation, and acute care.
Tel. 651-208-5121

Nang Tran

A McKnight distinguished visiting professor and a teaching professor at University of Minnesota, Nang Tran received his PhD in solid state materials and device physics from Osaka Prefecture University-Japan in 1979 and did his postdoctoral research at Harvard University and University of California, Irvine. Nang had spent 28 years in industry, working on solar cells, transparent conducting oxides, medical electronics and data storage. His main technical achievements are : (i) co-inventor of a direct x-ray digital radiography detector, a major medical breakthrough for digital mammography (1990) ; (ii) co-inventor of transparent conducting ZnO film doped with group III elements (1983). At present, most of the commercial thin film photovoltaic solar modules have at least one layer of this oxide in the device configuration. He has received more than 62 patents and many awards including the prestigious R&D 100 (100 best products of the year worldwide, 2 times) , Photonic Circle of Excellence (25 best photonic products of the year worldwide). In the last eight years, Nang has been working with Ms. Lan Le and Mr. Viet Nguyen on many non-profit activities which include WHO quality water systems, microscopes, solar electricity and helping students to continue their education overseas.
Tel. 651-592-4369

Laura Kwong

BS, BA (with honors) in chemistry, biology and physiology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis in 2009; PhD in environmental sciences, Stanford, 2018. Overseas studies at The American University in Cairo, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology and Yunnan University, China. Worked at Oak Ridge Institute for Science & Education and US Environmental Protection Agency.

Advisory Board

John Nieber

Professor at University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. John received BS in forest engineering from Syracuse University in 1972, MS in civil and environmental engineering, in 1974 and PhD in agricultural engineering in 1979, both from Cornell University. His current teaching and research activities are: teaching courses in fluid mechanics, heat and mass transport, watershed restoration, ecological engineering, capstone engineering design. Research interests involve hydrologic process discovery and modeling, flow and transport processes in porous media, process design in ecological engineering, sustainability of water resource systems, and watershed restoration.

Lawrence Machi

Professor Emeritus of Organizational Leadership at the University of La Verne. Larry holds an M.A. in Curriculum Development and an Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership. He has made career of being a theoretical practitioner. Dr. Machi has over 45 years of practical and academic experience in educational institutions. He has been a teacher and administrator in California public schools. He served as a project coordinator, vice principal, principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent. Machi also has extensive experience in higher education. He has been on the faculties at the University of San Francisco, St. Mary's College of California, and Sonoma State University, before his seventeen year tenure at the University of La Verne. Dr. Machi developed both masters and doctoral programs in organizational leadership at the University of La Verne and St. Mary’s College of California. He created a Principal Academy with the San Francisco Unified School District, while working with the University of San Francisco

Nang Tran

(see “Management team” section for details)